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Switching to LED lighting

Posted by on July 7, 2011

LED vs Incandescent

As Lisa and I started to acclimate ourselves to our new house, we quickly noted in the kitchen the heat coming off the ceiling from the 150 watt incandescent floodlights.  We later determined that was the light bulb of choice used throughout the house. To be exact, we found 15 of the 150-watt floodlights just inside the house.  Incandescent bulbs where used through the house, and I only found a couple of CFLs used in the outdoor fixtures. While conducting our lighting survey, we actually found and replaced three fixtures where the bulbs used overpowered the fixture causing a meltdown into the fixture itself.

I was an earlier adopter of CFL bulbs. Over 20 years ago, my first buy was a CFL Panasonic “Made in Japan” bulb that is still working today.  I had started buying a few LED lights for our Parkview house, and once we decided to buy the Snow Camp farm I started my search for good deals on LEDs. At this point, I have replaced all the incandescent lights in the house. These 50 bulbs totaled over 5,630 watts while the replacement CFL and LED bulbs totaled only 420 watts, a savings of 5240 watts.   Burning an average of one hour a day this will mean a yearly savings of $200 dollars and cutting 3,000 pounds of CO2.

Working with Michel from Randolph Electric Membership Corporation, our electrical utility company for our house, I had him compare the savings switching from ONE 150-watt incandescent bulb to ONE 11 watt LED.  It will take 588 days (burning 3 hours a day) to cover the cost differential between the two bulbs. Over the life of the bulb that is a savings of $318 and 3,630 pounds of CO2.

Follow the link to see how I validated my numbers.

LED payback

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